Sunday, 19 August 2012

Miss Prim takes a few naughty boys in hand

l was hoping that l could take a few weeks out of my busy schedule, alas that is not to be.
Prim hall is at present being made ship shape for the influx of pupils due to arrive for the new September term intake.
It was getting all a little chaotic what with the Maintence men, gardeners, and all the maids dashing around .
Discipline was not being taken seriously enough,it was the old adage give an inch and they take a mile.
Cecilia prim needed to take action,l knew that l did not have the time to discipline them individually.
l needed some time to think about this also l had an appointment  this very afternoon with Mr Rank from Rank and Leggitt our firm of accountants,l had noticed a discrepancy with the bill that had been presented to me.
l had always dealt with Mr Rank senior but since his retirement Mr Rank junior has taken over his fathers work,such a pity because Mr Rank senior and l had many happily spanking years together(he really new his place)Mr Leggitt is more of a silent partner in the firm so l've never had the need to deal with him.
The appointment is at 2.30 pm so just enough time to get Molly Maid to bring my lunch, as it is such a beautiful day I decided that l would take lunch in the courtyard garden,nice and quite as the gardners are working in the main grounds(also gives me time to think about some discipline strategy)
Molly arrived with my lunch looking very dishevelled(hair a flopped accross her face)"good god girl look at the state of you"she curtseyed "sorry Miss Prim It's so hot today"that is no excuse for arriving looking like you have been pulled through a hedge backwards."come here at once" Molly stood infront of me "bend over the garden bench"Yes Miss " l pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties and really spanked her bottom."now stand up"l never want to see you looking like that again"do you understand" she looked down and said in a very quite voice "yes Miss Prim" a tear rolled down her cheek"l told her to stop snivelling like a baby, "sorry Miss Prim"off you go l want my lunch in peace.
l ate my lunch in beautiful silence, when finished l looked at my watch,my goodness is that the time already
(it was now 2 pm) l made my way back to the office feeling rejuvinated and ready to tackle the strict discipline that was going to be needed.
Hello Miss prim,rather hot today is'nt it(he had a sweaty upper lip not a good look l thought)
"yes it is rather warm."do take a seat "l gestuered to the one opposite  mine.
l sat down and crossed my nylon seamed stockined leg,slighty leaning forward so as to look Mr Rank junior in the eye l said Mr Rank l have called you here because l am not very happy with the bill you have presented me with"really Miss Prim l have tried to keep costs down and l know you have been a client of my Fathers for many years,he always speaks so fondly of you Miss Prim.
Your Father and l had a special relationship Mr Rank(l could see him starting to wriggle in his seat)
"did you Miss Prim" oh yes very special,at this point l got up and went over to my cabinet where l keep my Scottish Tawse(l needed to make a deep impression on Mr Rank) l carefully took it out and placed it into my right hand and turned round to face Mr Rank Junior"see this Mr Rank" Yes Miss Prim" well your Daddy loved it when Miss Prim Had this in her hand"did he Miss Prim" yes your Daddy liked it very,very much,
do you like it Mr Rank Junior,l could see a bulge appearing in his trousers"dear,dear Mr Rank Junior l think you are looking at Miss Prim and her Tawse and getting excited you are a very naughty boy come over here and bend over Miss Prim's desk"what are you going to do to me Miss Prim"don't ask questions just do what l tell you,Mr Rank Junior bent over,down came his trousers and pants ad l bought the tawse down on his bare bottom for the first strike,now say thank you Miss Prim"yes"thank you Miss Prim,after each stroke you will say thank you for letting me do your accounts Miss Prim,twelve strikes later and a very sore red bottom
Mr Rank Junior understood the little arrangement l had with Daddy Rank and what an honour  it is to be able to do the accounts for The house of Prim.(invoices for payment from the House of Prim ohhhh never)
So another thing dealt with,l felt a surge of energy resonate through me,right lets get to work.
l put on my wide leather belt tucked the Scottish tawse under my belt and picked up my new large paddle,
Garderners first,l marched into the main garden,theGardeners were all standing  about drinking tea, they were dressed in just there gardening aprons and wellington boots,they all jumped when they saw me approaching,right you lot in a line and lean against the wall, in unison came a YesMiss,a line of bare bottoms presented themselves to me,l pulled the scottish tawse from my belt and preceeded to give each one six of the best"listen to me you have all been lazy and sloppy in your work l will not tolerate this bad behaviour"in unison again "sorry miss" right back to work on the double "yes miss"
l begining to enjoy myself,l made my way Through The house of Prim,next were the maintence men who wer given the same treatment(how divine this was another row of very red sore bottoms)
Next Maid quarters,Scottish tawse is very harsh for these little sissy maids,instead l lined them up skirts up panties down and instucted that they bent over placing there hands on there knees,time to try my new paddle,l could see after the first  strike that this paddle would be one of my favourites ,instantly it left a really rosy glow,down the line l went,the thwak,thwak of the paddle was almost medative,very relaxing
Again the Thank you Miss,it sounded like a litle choir.
Back to work girls you have been very slack,l need every thing spick and span,Yes Miss Prim.
l returned to my office and returned the scottish tawse and paddle back into the cabinet,
then l poured my self a large Gin and Tonic,l took this with me and went into the garden to watch the sun go down.
What a perefect end to such a spankingly productive day,l gave myself alittle pat on my back(good work Miss)l always get satisfaction

Thursday, 2 August 2012

spanking Olympic's

l've been having my own little olympic events this week,l decided to put all my little nephews and sissy boys through a fitness regime,l really don't like to see a small wee willy below a great fat stomach after all l do keep myself in shape plus l'm always perfectly groomed, l think it is only right and fitting that fitness and healthy eating habits are part of my training programe also lessons on the art of good grooming,
l now have a weigh in,if overweight l will insist that a calorie conrolled diet is adhered to,untill the correct weight has been attained,if l find on the next visit that no weight has been lost then a good thrashing will ensure better results in the future.
As for grooming a hairy bottom is not acceptable,a good waxing will rip the hair from the offending bottie
thus leaving it smooth and smackable(just as l like it).
l work out for a least an hour per day,l have the will power to motivate myself,unfortunalty the sights l am sometimes greeted with show a total lack of motivation and self respect,l therefore intend to take certain mesures that will ensure that all of my nephews ,pupils and maids take up a Miss Prims fitness regime.
l am sure that there will be some resistance,and a lot of protesting "Please miss l don't feel well miss"
This new regime will be compulsory,l will dish out very harsh discipline to those that do not come up to scratch,after all healthy body healthy mind,

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Naughty nephew comes for a visit

l recieved a frantic phone call on Saturday Morning, could l please have my nephew Markie over for the afternoon and teach him a lesson on respect and discipline.
Markie bad behaviour was getting from bad to worse,not only did he use bad langauage,he played up at bath times and he expected his mother to clean up after he had caused a mess.
I agreed that Markie be brought to me at 1.30pm,he would stay the afternoon and his mother was to collect him at 5.00pm.
"Thank you Cecilia"l don't know what l would have done if l did'nt have you.
l reassured her ,"believe me Markie will learn his lesson".
The doorbell rung at exactly 1.30pm,there stood Markie and his mum,"hello Markie" Markie looked up
"hello Aunt Cecilia"come on in Markie,l bide his mother goodbye,"don't worry i'll sort him out".
Come on Markie lets go into the study and have a little chat"no l don't want to"
l clarified what the little blighter had said"no l don't want to"Get over here at once ,Markie could tell by my tone of voice that l was not to be messed with,Trousers down young man,l sat down in my high backed chair, l pulled him towards me and put him accross my knee,l smacked his bottom hard untill he cried out"please Aunt Cecilia stop"What do you say to Me Markie"please Miss l'm sorry"do you understand the rules now Markie"yes miss"good .I released Markie,stand up straight,"yes miss".
You are going to clean the house for Aunt Cecilia,yes miss"You will start in the bedrooms,"yes miss"
make the beds then dust the dressing table,he looked hesitant for a second but one withering glance from me set him straight who was in charge,l will be back in 30 mins and l expect everthing to be perfect,"yes aunt Cecilia".
l could hear him moving about muttering under his breath,little boys should be seen but not heard,
it was no good the boy needed a little more discipline,when l entered the room his eyes widened in fear,
l can hear you Markie"what were you muttering"nothing Aunt"don't you dare answer me back,kneel over the bed,l removed the wide belt l was wearing double it in half,he needed a extra hard thrashing,l procceded to thrash him untill his bottom was very sore and red,"what do you say Markie"thank you miss,
The rest of the afternoon Markie slaved away, at 4.30 l told him he could stop,
Markie we are going to my study for a little chat before mummy comes to collect you,
Markie lowered his head,now ,now none of that,Stand up striaght,
I sat in my high backed chair with Markie standing in front of me,"listen very carefully to what l'm going to say to you"When you go home you will do as mummy tells you"is that understood Markie"yes miss"
Now Markie mummy and l have decided that you are to come to me once a week,you will learn to be a very good little boy,the reason you are coming here is because we love you and we know what is best for you,Kiss your Aunt Cecilia and say thank you "thank you Aunt Cecilia"
His mother arrived at 5,00pm on the dot,Markie waved goodbye.His mother phoned later to sat that she cannot believe the difference in Markies attitued,l smiled to my self and thought but l can.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sissy Maid

It really has been one of those mornings,phone has been ringing non stop and to top it all my sissy maid Molly was late once again,
Eventually a full 10 mins late she arrived not in the best of states all huffy puffy mumbling the usual pathetic apologies,(sorry miss l got held up in the traffic)l rolled my eyes upwards in despair"really"l replied
"Well go to the bathroom and sort yourself out" one thing l can't abide is sloppy grooming,
The week before she had appeared before me in flat shoes(how ghastly)"What are those on your feet"
l asked,the reply was even worse(they are my comfortable shoes)comfortable,"a old sofa is comfortable"
get them off now,Molly lowered her head in shame,Sorry miss.
Molly was asigned the high rank of personal maid therefore she has the priviledge of washing my panties,
Instructions are thus,Panties to be hand washed,then rinsed ,and finally nice fabric conditioner so that they are lovely soft and sweet smelling,when dry to be wrapped in tissue and tied with ribbon,all ready to be put into my pantie draw.
So Molly where are my laundered Panties,l could not believe my eyes,the returned panties were not wrapped, not even folded,and worse no fabric conditioner"what is this" Please miss l did'nt have time"
I had enough the impertinence of the girl was astounding,Right panties down and over my knee,
"Yes miss"I spanked each cheek very hard untill her bottom glowed red,Now Molly what do you say
Thank- you miss.Molly looked suitably crushed,
Molly has been given double amount of laundery to do,l am sure it will come back in tip top condition,